Investment Program


Our company perfects the art of facilities’ management with precision and professionalism. We have an investment programme that welcomes home owners and shop floor owners to sign unto a structured investment programme that permits us to manage such spaces for our clients with promised high return of investment (RoI). Our core in-house team in conjunction with the tourism development authority and allied agencies plan to run events and activities aimed at directing more international passenger traffic to Kumasi while exciting our guests with memorable experiences deserving a couple more days’ stay in our facilities.

The Ashanti Kingdom’s rich culture, wild-life, precious mineral mines, water bodies (lakes) and mountains offer great opportunities for heritage tours, jet-skiing, hiking and business tours that would ensure regular high air-passenger traffic whose accommodation needs would be adequately addressed through short stays in our luxury apartments. This adds to an already existing high deficit in hotel facilities especially over weekends in Kumasi even prior to the international flights directly landing at the Kumasi International airport.

As the operator of the main four-star hotel & conference center in the airport city, we plan to distinguish our facility as the preferred destination for international conferences within the West-African sub-region. Hence, our design places more emphasis on 5,000+ conference seating capacity auditoriums with multiple meeting rooms; ideal for hosting any top-tier international conference at a location next to an international airport. Our luxury apartments are located 50 meters from the conferencing & hotel facility and therefore becomes ideal in attracting guests who prefer staying in a ‘3+ star homely’ accommodation rather than in a hotel suit.

The entire enclave within which our developments (Drum luxury apartments, Hotel & conference facility and Airport city call) are located is considered a security zone given its proximity to the Kumasi international airport, hence guests are guaranteed a reliable general security in the area; making it ideal for dawn and night jogging, night clubbing and generally safe living both in the day and night. Each floor of our apartments has dedicated access controls, private security personnels and concierge services accessible from the lobbies of each apartment block.

Why Invest

  • Our planned developments benefit from first mover advantages within the Kumasi International Airport City.

  • Promised high Return of Investment

  • Relatively higher growth rate in property values over time

  • Trust-worthy management team

  • Our investment programme promises real-time prompting of owned properties’ cash flows.

  • Dedicated relationship manager who would plan and strategize with investor/home owner.